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Welcome to the Seahorse Diving Online Store

Seahorse Diving

Welcome to, the home of Seahorse Diving LLC.

Our main focus is on providing you with the best customer service possible. Our Hollis regulators, Hollis Prism 2 Rebreather,Hollis Explorer Rebreather, Hollis Mask,Fins,Wetsuits and Drysuits cover Hollis' entire line. Aeris' regulators, masks and dive computers are among the best on the market. Some of our featured items are Ocean Reef's full-face mask line.

As with our expanding network of locations, our product brands are also increasing. Seahorse Diving is proud to now be part of Shearwater Research dealers. Shearwater dive computers are some of the best in the world and now we can offer them to our customers and dive buddies. The Petrel is a OC/CC Trimix stand alone computer with up to 5 OC and 5 CC gases. The newest offering from Shearwater is the Near Eye Remote Display (NERD) a micro LED dive computer that mounts right to the Rebreather mouth piece and gives you all the info without having to more your hands.

Seahorse Diving is proud to be in negotiations to open our second shop and dive supply location in South East Asia. Our South East Asia location will provide the same customer service as our US location.

We are excite to provide Hollis Explorer and Prism 2 Rebreather training and will be the first to offer these excellent rebreathers to the Asian market. We now have the first Hollis Explorer and Prism 2 in Thailand. Our second store is well on it's way to opening in Thailand and we expect the grand opening to be sometime in March. Keep looking for our new store.

The Ocean Reef Neptune Space G Dive Full Face Mask is affordable and is perfect for entry level Full Face Mask diving, Neptune Predator Full Face Mask is upgrade to the G Diver and allows the addition of Visor Light and Full Face Mask tank and Depth LEDs, Neptune Iron Full Face Mask is tough and ready for Public Service divers as well as being ready to tackle the tech diving needs. We also carry mask, wetsuit, dive computer, fins, analyzers, and other accessories for your scuba diving needs.

When it comes to safety systems, our close relationship Nautilus Lifeline allows us to offer the Nautilus Lifeline and pouch in a wide range of colors. These Lifeline are a must have for any solo diver or when strong currents are dived. Nothing can ruin your best dive like coming up miles away from your boat and no way to let them know where you drifted to. The Nautilus Lifeline takes the fear out of getting swept away. We also carry many Surface Marker Buoys (SMBs), Lift Bags and Diver Down Floats.

Analytical Industries Inc (AII) is our supplier and one of the only Rebreather & Oxygen sensor manufactures in the world. They provide most of the Rebreather O2 sensors for all the popular and hard to find models such as Hollis Prism 2, Optima, Kiss, Meg,eRvoe and Inspirations. AII's Oxygen Analyzers and Helium Analyzers are easy to use and easy to calibrate.

We have the DiveNav complete line of BlueBuddy and TechBuddy to round out their NEW Nitrox Buddy Analyzer.

If you are ready to upgrade to a new dive computer we have many to choice from and new coming soon as the next year's product line expands.

Thank you in advance for all your likes on our Facebook page. We will do our best to offer lowest prices and best service possible. You can also find us on our Amazon Storefront

As we grow we will maintain our core values and never lose site of what made us want to be divers.

There are times when hard to find items are not stocked or next to impossible to find somebody that will order them for you. We are the guys to come to. If you ever are looking for an item(s) that nobody seems to have, give us a call or contact us and we will do everything we can to help you, even if we direct you to another dive shop.

We have just completed our move to our new location in the US to Duncannon Pa. The new location offers us to be seen and bring a new opportunity to the area perversely not covered by a dive shop. The new building has more room for training and we are looking forward to expanding in the coming year

Hollis Prism 2 course was so much fun we decided to also do the Hollis Explorer course. Look for some pictures on our Facebook page!

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